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Diet & Nutrition for Lathyrism

Lathyrism is a morbid condition from eating leguminous plant especially peas of species Lathyrus sativus.

Causes of Lathyrism

. Ingestion of beta-aminopropionitrile.
. Consumption of peas of species Lathyrus sativus, it has a neurotoxin called beta oxalyl amino alanine (BOAA).

Sign and symptoms of Lathyrism

. Onset with lameness in the extremities.
. Progressive spastic paraplegia.
. Pain.
. Hyperesthesia.
. Paresthesia.
. Angiolathyrism - causes sudden death.
. Aneurisms.
. Osteolathyrism - affects skeletal development, cartilages and bones grow abnormally - deformity of the body.
. Development of brain stops.

Dietary management for Lathyrism

. Lathyrism cannot be cured but can be prevented.
. Avoid consumption of pulses of species Lathyrus sativus.
. Before consumption of pulses, toxins should be washed out, as toxins are water-soluble .
- Parboil pulses with the water and drain that water.
- Soak pulses in hot water for 1o minutes and drain away the water.
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