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Disease Condition of Anxiety Disorders

Homeopathic treatment for Anxiety

Introduction of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is defined as intense apprehension that may or may not have an obvious reason. Anxiety is a part of life and it is a normal reaction to stress. It is not abnormal to feel anxious before an exam/interview, etc. The reaction is momentary and passes off once the event is over. But when the feeling persists and does not go away worsening over a period of time making it difficult to cope with normal, everyday life, then it is considered as a disorder.

Characteristically the person feels a complex combination of emotions like worry, fear, apprehension, etc. associated with physical symptoms like chest pain, palpitations, excessive perspiration, tightness in chest, headache, etc.

Effective and new ways of anxiety disorders treatment are available for such patients and it is important to manage the conditions as soon as possible so that the person can live a healthy and productive life.

Causes of Anxiety Disorders

  • Studies have shown that genetic predisposition and family history play an important role; they make a person more susceptible to them.
  • Experiences in childhood like poor bonding between parents or abrupt separation of a child from a parent have shown to play a part in certain anxiety disorders.
  • An anxiety disorder may also develop following a stressful event in life, such as death of a close relative, disappointment in Love, failure in Exam, stressful working environment, position beyond the capacity to manage, difference of opinion, etc.
  • A person suffering from low self-esteem is more likely to suffer from agoraphobia and social phobias.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

  1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

    Here the person worries excessively about routine day to day problems even though there may be nothing or very little to provoke it, and for no apparent reason they cannot get control of this apprehension. GAD is diagnosed when a person continuously keeps worrying for at least 6 months about daily activities.

  2. Panic Disorder

    Panic attacks usually come on suddenly and peak about in 10 minutes. The person gets palpitation, intense anxiety, fear, perspiration, giddiness, weakness, faintness, etc. The attacks are beyond one's control and the person is not able to predict when the next attack will come and this makes him more worried; anticipating the next attack. Panic disorder is often accompanied by other ailments like depression, substances abuse, etc.

  3. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

    In persons suffering from OCD they have persistent, distressing thoughts and to overcome this state of anxiety they take help of rituals which they repeat time and again. Healthy people too have rituals. E.g. It is normal to check locks while going to sleep at night or before leaving for vacation to prevent burglary. In people suffering from OCD the anxiety becomes an obsession and the rituals become compulsive. They may become so frequent that they interfere with the normal day to day activities.

  4. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

    This condition develops after an ordeal involving physical harm or threatening harm to oneself, loved ones or may have been witness to such an event involving loved ones. The symptoms start to develop after about 3 months of the event or one may experience these symptoms years after the event.

    The person suffering from PTSD may lose interest and become indifferent or emotionally numb towards people. There have been instances where the person has become irritable and even violent. The person tends to avoid situation, places, etc which remind him of the original events.

    People having PTSD tend to relive the traumatic events in their thoughts and dreams, these are known as Flashbacks. They can be triggered by events, sounds, smell, people, etc. similar to those associated with the actual event.

  5. Phobias

    Specific phobias

    It is an unnatural and intense fear of something particular that has no actual or little danger to the person. Some of the commonly found phobias are flying in an aeroplane, water, dogs, blood and injury, heights, etc.

    Complex phobias

    Here there is presence of a number of component fears as seen in agoraphobia and social phobia.

    In agoraphobia, there is anxiety while riding on public transportation, using elevators or visiting crowded stores. In social phobia, people have an overwhelming fear of embarrassing themselves in public.

Homeopathic Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

Homeopathy considers anxiety disorders as a constitutional disorder and treats it accordingly. The role of genetics and family traits are considered before prescribing the medicines. It studies the person as a whole and evaluates these symptoms before prescribing an individualistic Homeopathic medicine.

The medicines have a positive influence on the psyche and thinking process of a patient and this helps him to cope better with day to day stresses of life and live a better and healthier life.

Homeopathy ably aided by other supportive therapies and self help can give lasting relief to the patients. The medicines of Homeopathy for Anxiety give relief in all its stages of acute as well as chronic conditions. The relief offered is lasting and helps to prevent and control severity and recurrence of anxiety disorders.

The main benefits of homeopathic treatment for Anxiety are manifold they are effective, safe, and non habit forming, unlike conventional drugs. The frequency and the intensity of the Anxiety Episodes will keep on decreasing as the treatment progresses and finally the person is able to the same circumstances / environment without producing any disturbance / disorder / disease.

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Success Stories
Longstanding anxiety and tinnitus had made my life miserable despite continuous allopathic treatment. I was hopeless about recovery and had resigned to my fate. It was only your homeopathic treatment that restored my overall health and my hopes. Thanks.
A. K. Jha, Pune, India
I was suffering from sinusitis, anxiety with panic attacks and a crippling fear of flying (by plane). After taking treatment with Dr. Jawahar Shah, there was a lot of improvement in all my problems. Since then, I haven’t required any other medicine.
Haresh Mehta, 55 yrs, B.Com, Business, Mumbai
I am very happy to say that my autistic son is now able to carry on with his school activities with normal energy levels. He is now playing rugby and participating in a drama class where he was complimented on being a good singer.
Shelly Boyce, Mother of Zach Boyce, Finland
Both my children have taken Dr. Jawahar Shah’s treatment since they were 4 years old. He has cured both of them of their Asthma completely. I have great faith in Homeopathy. Thank you Dr. Jawahar Shah. May God bless you!!
Shelly Carresco, India